Line “Premium” – decorative PVC door panels

Panels in program PREMIUM are available with reinforcement (SO) and without reinforcement (OS).
Panels are produced in 24 mm, 36 mm and 40 mm standard thicknesses.
Glasses could also be produced in several thicknesses depending on thickness of the panel.
Types of glasses are different: ornament, ornament glass with decorative trim, glass with foil, glass with bevels…
Only certain models have feature of installation security (ESG) glass.
Possible colors of ABS decorative panels from program PREMIUM – in our offer beside white PVC we have various wood grains.
Possible colors of ABS applications – red, green, blue and gray. Stainless steel application on panels are also available.
The order must specify model of half-panel and mark of glass that combines because of various types of glasses.

Premium, decorative PVC door panels 900 x 2100 mm:

Model Ana
Model Dea
Model Eva
Model Tea

Premium, decorative PVC door panels 900 x 1920 mm:

Model Ela
Model Iva

Side elements

Polupaneli linije Premium
Premium – side elements